The human eye is incapable of reliably distinguishing any detail finer than 720p

#1skermacPosted 3/18/2014 3:57:32 PM
Forget 1080p and 4k, heres proof.

The resolution of our eyes is 12 vertical lines per arc angle (one line per arcminute for 20/20 acuity) times 2. Now 28 degrees x 12 lines x 2 = 672. This means we really can't see a display component (pixel) smaller than 1/672 x image width. Our minimum resolvable element size is about 0.065", or about twice the size of the pixels of the WXGA image! Put bluntly, from 8 feet away while watching a 50 inch plasma TV, the human eye is generally incapable of reliably distinguishing any detail finer than that shown on a true 720p display!
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Here we go again!

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1080p and 4k would be absolutely pointless then would it? Our eyes have the best resolution it can see. Anything else is trying to emulate the human eye. The eye can see in 3D.
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this is so sad
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If you can't tell, get your eyes checked
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*Facepalms through my face and goes through my wall and lands in a McDonald's.
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Oh my goodness. The stupidity.
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I really wish 1080p was standard this gen so we won't have 720p reassurance topics all the time.