The human eye is incapable of reliably distinguishing any detail finer than 720p

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skermac topic, he is at it again, Facepalm.
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krillens posted...
this is so sad

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I guess skermac is taking a break from his business class homework, since this topic isn't about sales numbers.
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PominAus posted...
Here we go again!

*takes cover*

I love how people are so quick to call this stupid. He's right
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Really? I wonder if the Avengers will recruit me? You know, I got Black Panther on speed dial....
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Here TC, educate yourself.
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skermac posted...
Da derp dee derp da teetley derpee derpee dumb

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So why does 4K look absolutely amazing to me
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GamerRaf posted...
1080p and 4k would be absolutely pointless then would it? Our eyes have the best resolution it can see. Anything else is trying to emulate the human eye. The eye can see in 3D.

Look at it this way, whats the point of putting 200 mph racing tires on a Prious? To say you have them even though you will never go that fast. 1080p is good to have even though we cant see the difference.
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TC completely ignores the fact eyes focus in.
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