Respawn will not exclude other consoles for future projects.

#21Thunder097Posted 3/18/2014 6:20:43 PM
RebelGameMaster posted...
Who gives a hoot?

As long as Destiny 2 is not a Microsoft exclusive.

if that happen I would quit console gaming.
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They lost my respect. It's too late. They only care about money. They made that obvious.
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#23Chyld989Posted 3/18/2014 6:36:45 PM
While it's probably true that Titanfall 2 will be on all systems (unless Microsoft can convince them to buy exclusivity) there's nothing in that article that actually says that.
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That's even better. That means more sales for them.
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-Oath- posted...
They lost my respect. It's too late. They only care about money. They made that obvious.

And who the f*** doesn't!? Do you think these devs get paid by the joy of other gamers?! Do you seriously think the hours they spend on a game coding and programming is just for fun?!
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Did anyone actually read the article?
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Good everyone should get to play this series.
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That's good news. Now as soon as they make a game worth buying players of all systems will be set.
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TPZmikez posted...
Did anyone actually read the article?

Nope... If they just read the first paragraph they would see it in a different light about how it was about them working on the Xbox One and PC version only and not the 360 version... They made no comment about going to Sony. Personally, I want this to go to Playstation! I want this game series to dethrone CoD!
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Sabram posted...
Microsoft made the deal with EA without consulting Respawn. Vince mentioned in a tweet that it came as a surprise that Titanfall was going to be exclusive.

Respawn has complete contr-

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