Respawn will not exclude other consoles for future projects.

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Did anyone actually read the article?

Nope... If they just read the first paragraph they would see it in a different light about how it was about them working on the Xbox One and PC version only and not the 360 version... They made no comment about going to Sony. Personally, I want this to go to Playstation! I want this game series to dethrone CoD!

Common occurrence on GFaQs. Most in the thread read the title of the article but not the actual article. Had to do with respawn not having to work on the 360 version while doing the PC/X1 version. They just said that going forward they would be willing to work on more versions at one time even though they are not a large dev team.
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Well after playing the first one I can safely say I won't be getting another one anyway.
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They lost my respect. It's too late. They only care about money. They made that obvious.

Do you have a job?
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