I seriously don't understand why the PS4 is so much popular than XBoxOne

#1MasterMoronPosted 3/18/2014 8:01:16 PM
Seriously, I'm not a fanboy at all. I probably would have gotten a Playstation 3 but my mom won a Wii and an XBox360 so it seemed pointless to own all three systems. To me the Playstation 3 won out over the Xbox360 simply because it had free online and Metal Gear Solid 4. But, this time around, I really don't see the competition. I mean, it seems like the XboxOne can pretty much do anything. Watch TV, surf the web, skype, and it's all voice activated. I mean, can't you pretty much do everything on the XBoxOne? I just don't understand how the Playstation 4 even compares. But, the Playstation 4 is still outselling the XboxOne. Someone explain this to me.
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Another one of these topics? This is a flame war just waiting to be ignited.
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Looks at username

Yvan eht nioj
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If I wanted a flame war I would have posted on the Playstation 4 board.
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But ur username mr.......
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Yet you posted it on here and going to get the same explanation, which people can't handle bad news about the xbox one here.
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I don't know if I can. In the end it all comes down to preference.

I have owned the original Xbox and the 360. Loved both, but have zero interest in the one.

Partially as of yet there is no games that interest me. Mostly though I want a game machine. All those other features hold zero interest for me. I wonder if others feel the same way?
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MasterMoron posted...
I seriously don't understand why the PS4 is so much popular than XBoxOne

I didn't realize a sales ratio of 3:2 (6 million PS4s vs 4 million XBOnes) could be defined as SO MUCH.
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Jx1010 posted...
But ur username mr.......

Mormon, just spelled differently.
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MS E3 last year was laughable, and their only saving grace was the games which is why the PS4 is so popular. Sony effectively counter-marketed almost everything that MS threw at that.

It was a very funny E3 knowing how terrible MS was handling it.
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