I seriously don't understand why the PS4 is so much popular than XBoxOne

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Cobra1010 posted...
What I don't understand is how Microsoft with all that money, they couldn't even employ decent people to do their pr right at the conventions.

They also obviously didn't do their marketing right thinking that they could just implement this severe drm into their system and people would be okay with it.

Their corporate ecosystem is poison. They make everything only with the Redmond crew in mind.
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I don't like Microsoft's policies. I don't like how they handled the 360 throughout its lifetime, and how quickly they abandoned the Xbox. I don't like shooters. I don't like the Kinect. I don't like paying more for less. I don't watch TV.

Right now, however, I still want neither system. If I were forced to choose which to buy right now, it would absolutely be a Wii U, as none, (and I can't stress this enough) NONE of the exclusives shown for either the PS4 or the Xbone appeal to me, and "X" looks great. Maybe in a year or two the PS4 will look appealing, but right now it looks like a waste, with games like Dark Souls 2 still coming out for PS3/360/PC.
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People want a gaming system worth the money they are paying, not an entertainment system that costs more because of extra crap they don't want and worse hardware.
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Because the PS4 is dedicated game system, which is what people want out of a console, where as the Xbone is not.

That's stupid though. Why would someone want a system that just plays games, when they can buy a system that does a whole bunch of other stuff?

is this dude ferreal?
If i was gonna buy a xbone primarily for it's multimedia features, i'll save my $500 and just use my PC. It does all the same stuff, but without the xbox live gold paywall. the only thing i can't do with it is play xbox one games which would be the ONLY reason i would buy an xbone.
hell, cellphones have all the multimedia features of an xbone these days.

Yeah, but I doubt your PC monitor is 60 inches like my TV.
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ThePaleRiderp posted...
Okay serious question If you have things like Netflix Hulu plus etc why do you need cable? Honestly ever since I got Netflix I've dropped cable. That's one reason I won't have an X1 for at least another year.

You can't get HBO shows without a cable subscription.
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Because poor people can afford PS4 and their is a lot of poor people.
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Never been interested in an Xbox console. Sony has really good first-party studios and great third-party support. Their consoles also inevitably end up with more Japanese games as well. It's as simple as that.
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Why do so many of you guys use the word "poor" to insult someone? You don't always choose to have less money.
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Odtt posted...
Why do so many of you guys use the word "poor" to insult someone? You don't always choose to have less money.

Oh ok is the new word financially challenged? Is poor becoming the new word that offends and hurts people feelings? I know real people that are friends that cant drop 500 bucks on a new console because of life, kids and whatever. 400 is a stretch but a more realistic one. Sony knew they had to price under Xbox One, it was a very smart move.
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What surprises me more is how much people like getting taken advantage of... and why the xbox even sold so much.

Brand loyalty is a hell of a thing.

I hear you. I prefer PC over apple.. cuz it suits me better. xbox did not suit me.... I dont think it suited anyone.. but yea. It really is a heck of a thing
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