How can they come out with Metal Gear Solid 5 when we haven't gotten 4 yet?

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No one in this thread explained why Metal Gear Solid 4 hasn't been released on any Xbox systems yet.

For the same reason that Gears of War 1 hasn't been released on a PlayStation platform.
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I would love to get the Legacy Collection on my Xbone someday. As it is, I cannot play MGS4. I don't really want to buy a PS3, but I may be forced to someday. There's about 10 games on it that I want to play.
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How can they come out with Metal Gear Solid 5 on Xbox One when they still haven't come out with Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360? Don't you need to play 4 to understand 5?

Maybe you should own something besides an Xbox?

I do. I own a Wii as well. Metal Gear Solid 4 isn't out on the Wii either, is it?
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In answer to the question if you need to play 4 to understand 5, well the game releases aren't in order of the Metal Gear Solid timeline. MGS4 actually takes place after MSG5.

But if you've never played the MGS games then it would go a long way to look up on a wiki to understand who the characters are. But in saying that a lot of it will be nonsensical - To say that the Metal Gear Solid Storylines are convoluted is putting it lightly.

Some correct me if I'm wrong but is the order
Mgs 5 gz
Mgs 5 phantom pain
Mgs 1

Also how many freaking snakes are there?

Solidus snake
Solid snake
Liquid snake
Big boss snake
Naked snake

That's all the ones I remember

I hate that I played the games all out of order I want to play them all over again in correct order

I believe these two are the same person.
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