Sony is driving Canadians to the Xbox One

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Xone also comes with a headset and kinect so the ps4 deal isn't that good
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MFW North America is USA

North America is everything in the Western Hemisphere north of South America. It includes the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, and all of Central America.

Central is not north.

Central America IS part of North America. Don't believe me? Then read this and learn something.

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MikeFitzy22 posted...
Xone also comes with a headset and kinect so the ps4 deal isn't that good

Like the PS4 doesn't come with an audio component and it depends how you value the kinect. A lot don't want it and don't feel it's worth $100 more.
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How can you live in the USA and not know what continent you're on?
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Xbox One Titanfall bundle - $500 - Titanfall game (Digital), Xbox One console (Xbox One, controller, kinect, 1 month of Xbox Live Gold)

PS4 Infamous bundle - $520 - Infamous Second Son (unsure of physical or digital), PS4 console, 3 months of PS+

Whats the better bundle again? Not saying Titanfall bundle isn't good, but the InFamous one has more value easily.

How big the download for Titanfall (do you have bandwidth caps, fast internet connection)?
I'm pretty sure they get a physical copy of infamous in the ps4 bundle.
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