Why is Microsoft listed as ''One of the worst companies in America''?

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Probably because of windows 8....it sucks... they didn't listen at all to consumers until it affected their bottom line. Windows 7 was great...why cant they just improve on the good instead of trying to rei-nvent the wheel and failing at it.

Personally I think 7 was crap, at least compared to XP
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Screw that, I would list Disney, douches just keep on upping the prices on everything and anything. Even if they make billions from movies and get huge profits in their parks and merchandise, they never stop upping the price for the parks. The movies stay the same in price no matter whay.

But hey, "the kids love Disney", so therefore, no chance of it being one of the worst, right?
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Regarding SimCity? EA lied a LOT about that game. Note, the fact that there's a patch coming to allow the game to play offline is proof of this. That was supposed to be impossible you know, because of the power of the cloud was apparently needed to handle the super advanced AI (that was somehow more stupid than SimCity 4 AI).


Bare in mind, even EA isn't the worst company in America, not even close. Pretty much every single oil company is worse as are a number of other companies. Thing is though, those companies are not as high profile as EA and thus don't get votes.

Oh I wasn't aware of the lies by ea on that, they're by far the worst gaming publisher/company though for 2013.

Oh most definitely, EA is by far the worst company when it comes to the video game industry. Microsoft probably would be worse if they actually followed through with their original plans, but they didn't so yeah, EA is definitely still worse.

Hell, I suspect the only reason Sony is so awesome now is because of the flak they got from early on with the PS3. Perhaps Microsoft getting flak for what they tried to pull will make them smarten up, only time will tell on that of course.

But yeah, EA is the only company in the industry that I actively boycott. After SimCity I refuse to buy another EA product regardless of how much I want it. I have interest in the next Dragon Age, but I won't buy it. Titanfall while I don't agree with the hype people give it? I do find interesting, won't purchase it though because of EA.

I buy their sports games if I see the newest one cheap, even if that's rare here in Australia.

Same with MOH( favourite fps franchise)

I hate how they ruined army of two.

And I'll always be a sucker for bioware so yeah haha.
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Because in an ideal world all of the OS's are treated equal.

Windows is completely proprietary making it impossible for software vendors to make compatible alternatives to windows. Programmers need to see source code to make it easier to port software to other platforms like Linux, BSD, or even Mac.

Windows is completely proprietary meaning the source code is not seen, there is nothing open about it. By withholding source code Microsoft prevents people from understanding how their software works and from changing how it works. Only those who work in Microsoft know how windows works. That's a problem when you are trying to please a billion people and no one (and not even programmers) can modify windows however they like. It has nothing to do with treating OS's as equals. To understand Microsoft's monopoly better read this article.


Thing is about this? It's exactly why Linux is making some pretty big in roads. In the tech industry Linux is on a major rise and even in the gaming industry Linux is starting to come into it's own. You can thank indie devs and Valve for that. Oh and recently? gog.com is about to start supporting Linux and intends to port games that never showed up on the OS over to it.
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It's definitely backlash from their recent failures like the $1000 dollar windows 8 surface pro which ran a piece of garbage OS, and then WIndows 8 itself was/is horrible, and then the whole DRM thing definitely added a little to the pool but not much.
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No idea, people don't seem to realise if it weren't for MS we'd probably all be using Mac OS now

That in itself is reason enough to nominate them.

Hahaha right!

...wait, are you serious?

Why is that funny? I don't see why anyone would use a windows computer other than for gaming, or if they can't afford a Mac.

I grew up using windows but after using a MacBook for last 3 years I could never go back to using a clunky unresponsive windows computer for personal everyday use.
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I grew up using windows but after using a MacBook for last 3 years I could never go back to using a clunky unresponsive windows computer for personal everyday use.

Dont buy cheap POS and expect it to work like a $1K Mac.
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I grew up using windows but after using a MacBook for last 3 years I could never go back to using a clunky unresponsive windows computer for personal everyday use.

Dont buy cheap POS and expect it to work like a $1K Mac.

My brother has a $1200 laptop with specs higher than my macbook, and it still feels clunky and slow compared to my macbook. Plus you just can't replicate the ease of navigating OSX with a trackpad on a windows laptop no matter how high the specs are.
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Windows 8
Windows Phone
and Xbox One

are all a ******* joke.
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Do you think EA and Microsoft will battle for the title of "Worst Company in America" in the finals?
Remember, this is where people votes.