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Can we stop clowning around and be real about the games so far?
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Create a unique "Genre Collection" you'd love to see released.
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slightly odd question: using the kinect while sitting down or standing up?themothman421310/23 9:15AM
sunset overdrive bundle vs forza 5 bundle or: white console vs kinect add on
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When will the Xbox One take the lead in sales? Your predictions. (Poll)
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Everyone with an XB1 or PS4 should get Shadow Warriors!
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True Achievements App availableslowdog76510/23 9:05AM
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Phil Spencer on Xbox One install speeds: It's high on my priority listFlameVegaXV110/23 8:39AM
I didn't know Forza 5 was this therapeutic...ave1510/23 8:32AM
black friday deals
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Is this the right adapter to plug headphones into an XB1 controller?LIsJustice610/23 8:25AM
Can someone explain how Dev Kits & lowered footage really work?Road_Kill_666610/23 8:22AM
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Is the Titanfall update out yet?MrImpatient35210/23 7:55AM
Any good mics?RC Cruz me110/23 7:42AM
Which XBOX system is/was doing better overall one year into its life-cycle? (Poll)Solnot110/23 7:41AM
Phil Spencer is not Ashamed of Xbox One Hardware
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