Resident Evil 4 HD for Xbox One Spotted Online

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garcia_jx posted...
Poor Capcom. How many times can they remake the same game?

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Yeah Capcom is mere a shadow of it's former glory... :(
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Pass. I'll just wait for the inevitable Super Special Awesomesauce DJ Khaled Remix Edition IV.
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survival horror doesnt sell anymore unfortunately hence why all these series are going more action.

Unfortunately true. A true diamond in the rough last year was Condemned:Criminal Origins and it was instantly forgotten about.
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forget re4 do the outbreak series
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carljenk posted...
Yeah Capcom is mere a shadow of it's former glory... :(

I wan't to say something mean about Capcom too, but I cant because they gave us Dragons Dogma. I can't say anything bad about the people who gave us that.
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But they didn't give us dragons dogma 2, so F them