Stereo headset issues?

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2 years ago#1
I purchased the Microsoft Xbox One headset with stereo adapter. I randomly have my controller(s) disconnect from the One and immediately turn back on and some static sound issues at random also.

This my 3rd pair and they all do it, both of my controllers have the same issue only when I have the adapter plugged in, yes Ive done the controller update and cleared the systems cache and sit around 12-15 ft from the system.

Any known fixes or potential cause of this problem?
2 years ago#2
If you search around you'll see others are having the same problem, its really annoying, and as far as I know there isnt a fix, just gotta wait out a patch
2 years ago#3
My fear at this time is it being hardware and not firmware. Ive decided to return for full refund (1day before the 30 day return policy =) ) so I don't get stuck with potential bad hardware. unless firmware fixes it in the mean time, then I'll purchase a newer updated set.

I am impressed overall for the price they sound great and feel comfortable over the long haul, great sound balance, decent highs, mids and lows, tried them on my s4 and music play back was impressive and rich. I am an audiophile and normally wouldn't praise a cheap pair of low end headphones but I must say I like these, they matched the Polk's 4shot imho.
2 years ago#4
So I didn't get stuck with bad hardware I took them back.

Microsoft has acknowledged the issue but have not confirmed if it is a hardware or firmware issue.

Has anyone got any info if they will be able to patch it or is it indeed hardware? or still unknown?
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