Will the X1 ever be able to make games look as good as Infamous?

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necro00 posted...
Ryse looks better

By far. They're not even comparable. Now Infamous and Knack that's a tie
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benjimain posted...
Millertime660 posted...
Agreed... its all personal opinion though

Yeah when speaking artistically. There's no way Ryse isn't technically inferior to this though:


You can go in any direction there, as far and as fast as you want. No pre-rendered hallways like in Ryse. And even if inFamous Second Son were linear, it still has higher res textures and better lighting that Ryse anyway.

But the fact it's open world? Not even a contest.

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Ryse I think was the closest to the Killzone:SF / Infamous:SS tier graphics.
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I think if there's anything next-gen games need to work on, it's textures for the floors. I'm sick of seeing a road with papers all over it and it looks like they just pasted a bunch of bmp's onto the texture and called it a day. Even worse is when the ground has no texture and it's just a brown patch of color.
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Good question.
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Infamous is a PS4 game? It looks like a Vita.
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Ryse looks WAY better than Infamous dont know what you guys been smoking
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uchihajuan176 posted...
Ryse looks WAY better than Infamous dont know what you guys been smoking

Bahahahahahaha lmfao NO
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Infamous looks pretty good, for a console game I mean.
But man did they go out of their way to make the protagonist the epitome of a d-bag.
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