Do you buy Single Player only games for full price?

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1 year ago#31
I just bought MGS GZ and FFXHD so yeah I do

SP games can be great
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1 year ago#32
I always buy games i want day 1

And i usually come back later on and play again
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1 year ago#33
I don't buy games for full price period. Well, maybe Persona 5 whenever that comes out (;
1 year ago#34
I refuse to even buy multiplayer games or games where that is the main focus, so my answer is obviously yes. I need either a good story or a unique artistic world design, which no multiplayer game I have seen has ever had. I also hate competition against others, so single player are the only types of game I personally believe are worthy of buying. If you are gaming just for entertainment then you shouldn't be gaming, imo. You are wasting a great artform on mindless e-sports.
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1 year ago#35
i almost never buy at full price i wait for sales or buy pre owned but i wont buy any multiplayer only ever single player should be the focus and split screen multiplayers online multiplayer should be the cherry in the cake not the whole thing
1 year ago#36
scoobydoobydont posted...
SP games are the only ones I'll pay full price for.
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  3. Do you buy Single Player only games for full price?

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