Call of Duty 2014 is "ambitious" and "creative," Sledgehammer says

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2 years ago#1
The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday
2 years ago#2
interesting. Doesn't really give us much info but Im glad they like the game. hopefully it is "ambitious" and "creative", because if this call of duty doesn't stand out, titanfall might take over (if it already hasn't)
2 years ago#3
They can't really make CoD less creative than what Ghosts has already showed us.
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2 years ago#4
improved fish AI :D ???
2 years ago#5
Meh same as always every year, they just hype it up and people buy it then stop playing within a week.
2 years ago#6
improved fish AI :D ???


If this happens its a must buy for every gamer!
2 years ago#7
You know, I watched a youtube let's play of the underwater level in Ghosts to see if the last gen versions had fish AI.

This footage was from the 360 version (you could tell because the vid started at the dash and there were constant friend notifications popping up), and lo and behold, when he got near the fish the damn thing moved out the way.

So the "next gen" dog looked like hairy man butt (in all versions) and last gen versions had the exclusive fish AI built for next gen consoles, so you'll excuse me if I laugh at this statement.
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2 years ago#8
So Sledghammer doesn't want to be taken seriously?
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2 years ago#9
the same things are said every year about CoD... *yawn*.....*zzzzzz....*
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2 years ago#10
Awesome bro! Gonna be gnarly EPIC!
Can't wait...
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