MS confirms - DX12 day 1 boost of 600Gflops/sec. Double for 60fps games.

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newbie2007 posted...
XB1 people are a funny bunch keep hoping for miracles from MS. Maximum Gflops is dictated by hardware specs, not software.

A bad software/driver may utilize only 40-50% of the maximum theoretical power, better software may utilize close up to 90%. But it can't over come the hardware limit. If the specs says 1.18 Gflops, then that is the absolute best power the software can reach.

So I take it you're a PC master race guy?.. why are you here?
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That's for PCs, the X1 claim is further on (20% per frame). If it was that big they would've given gflops per frame not % like with the PC claim.
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too many sony ponies here thank god i know more about PC's and hardware than they do.
Good Move Microsoft
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Basically Forza 5 uses less than 50% of the Xbones powah!

Imagine how good Forza 6 will be at 2.6 TFlops. 120FPS. Locked. 32 cars. 720 physics calcs per frame. Incredible. Xbox. Won.

Lol hent's back after I got him warned. Good times.

G Fax mods says it was TheOrder1866 that got me warned, so thanks for the admission mervin.


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gotta catch 'em all.

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Nope, it was me behind the scenes. Weak attempt at claiming it was TheOrder666 so you can claim I'm him.

And good luck with your Forza fantasy.

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joe_david posted...

Also unreplicable on other consoles due to other things.

Read your topic...

Microsoft confirms DX12 = 600 Gflops/sec on X1?
Highlight that for me if you can.
Does it also make 60 Hz games run 120?
Might be a gamer after all.
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Dx11, with Mantle features...
"DRM aside, all of Microsofts moves have been as intended."
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Sabram posted...

Nice try though at spinning an article you apparently didnt read. The main draw of DX12 is going to be to streamline the overhead for multi-threading. With the lower level hardware access as well as less background running on the X1 the overhead wasnt nearly as much of a concern on the console.

Finally, it seems at least one console guy gets it

On a console, API overhead should never be an issue unless someone made a blunder
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didnt you hear? MS hired Jesus to program it, this truly is a miracle
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