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An interview with Lizard MS had the poorest security.
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What are the different HDD sizes.
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Does anyone here have Rocksmith 2014? My GF and I are looking to buy it together
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If anything this should show why an always online console is just a dumb idea
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Are DLCs region free at least between US and UKSuperSuikoden212/26 2:42AM
So if there's nothing MS can do about these DDoS attacks why continue gaming?
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TheGam39252412/26 2:30AM
Please forgive me if this sounds stupid......Bearacudda98912/26 2:20AM
seriously, what the hell is up with party chat.helIy412/26 2:15AM
Scalebound News
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jackynkurttims2012/26 2:08AM
Got a $100 Target giftcard today and they're having BOGO 40% off tomorrow! 80/80
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Frightwolf1412/26 1:57AM