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did I get ripped off?jasonkingmark312/26 3:15PM
who are lizard squad?...VivaLaGinge212/26 3:12PM
Did they hack it again?Eagle346312/26 3:10PM
Installing games questionXxZiomaxX412/26 3:09PM
Anybody else's achievements not pop after going offline yesterday?oondoww712/26 3:09PM
Anyone else still having trouble online?
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tyrannosauryogi1812/26 3:08PM
Trey arch should remaster cod WaW with ugx built inSILENTGHOSTS96412/26 3:08PM
My left thumb is going to have a huge blister.Kovalchuk_512/26 2:58PM
Wow, this OS is so bloated.
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MrSCARY4212/26 2:42PM
GameSpot: Lizard squad lives!? PSN and XBL taken down.
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BushidoEffect33112/26 2:39PM
I don't understand why the News Media is giving these kids attention? (Closed)kereke121012/26 2:29PM
Should I get Worms Battleground (Poll)
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I_Am_Fire1512/26 2:27PM
Sunset Overdrive worth $30?
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jaymart_2k1812/26 2:14PM
So what's missing now after Killer instinct coming to pc ??
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Hamada_adel5111312/26 2:00PM
My views on the Xbox one. Abit better than ps4Snight01912/26 1:57PM
What a bunch of garbage
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mdog300011912/26 1:55PM
For those saying the Xbox Live outage isn't significant...
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Screamhurt1712/26 1:44PM
Could someone explain the benefits of "Always Online"?
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Goodstyle1112/26 1:42PM
Xbox live gone forever?
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ChrisHanson243012/26 1:37PM
im impressed with the xbox one official headsetteddy241112/26 1:15PM