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2 years ago#1
The difference in graphics between Xbox one + ps4 are just slight improvements over PS3 and 360 games??

(and yes I know it's early)

Just that when we went from snes/md to n64/ps1 the improvements was awesome.

Same as n64/ps1 to PS2/gc/Xbox.

And from them to 360/PS3.

You just feel like the next gen games could have been done for PS3/360
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2 years ago#2
Go play Resistance for the PS3 and then the last of us. Those came out on the same console and look generations apart almost. Give it time.

Also, last gen the jump was from SD to HD on consoles so the difference was way more obvious at first.
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2 years ago#3
Ryse and Infamous look better than anything I saw last gen
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2 years ago#4
I'm not saying there's not improvements but guess I got used to being excited about these new things more lol
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