After infamous flop should I just stick to Xbox one?

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Hai guiz

I is sell my pee ess fourth Cuz is no gaems

Can I has firendships nao?
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People that complain about games that get lower than a 9 aren't real gamers anyway. They just play what the media hypes up as the best thing ever.
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You kno i usually just sit back and watch the ponies and xbots go at it but i cant just sit and watch anymore..... i just have one question.... why are so many pro sony people on the xbox one board? I cant even make a decent thread about a game or a question about a game and get it answered because all these sony fanboys come here and start wars every day.... i just dont get it. Why not just go to your own board with your own people. Why come here and defend your ps4? Do u guys work for sony? Are they paying you? No. So why do you break your backs to defend them? The same goes for all fanboys but sony ones are the worst. I mean you dont see the wii u guys coming here starting stuff. You dont see xbox guys starting stuff with the nintendo guys. It always the sony fanboys always. You guys need to get a life for real.

This. I asked if I should sell my ps4 on the Xbox one board and listed my complaints. Meanwhile hordes of Sony trolls flame me as if me stating my complaints is blasphemous to their holy grail or whatever. I've never seen such fanatical devotion to a console

I really think they have mental issues. Maybe they were bullied when they were young or something and get on gamefaqs and become hard and bully people that have any other console than sony. I mean i love sony and played my ps3 the most last gen but i went with the xbox one first this gen because it has more games and that is a fact. I will get a ps4 down the road but not now. Why pay 400 bucks for a system i wont play. Most people i know with a ps4 are still on 360 everday cuz they have nothing to play but will swear up and down ps4 is better because it runs multiplats better. Well i have multiplats plus dr3, ryse, forza, titanfall, and killer instinct so i got my 500 dollars worth. I have plenty 2 play as do all of the other xbox one owners.

I disagree about there not being any games on PS4.......Infamous, Thief, COD, BF4, Tomb Raider, Need for Speed, Warframe, AC4, Lego Marvel, Lego Movie, Killzone, MGS:V, NBA, Madden, FIFA, Knack(lol), Angry Birds(lol +1), Rayman, Injustice, Just Dance, and a buch of indie games as well. I game every day and can't keep up, I bought Tomb Raider last month and haven't touched it since I'm still working on AC4/Warframe and then Infamous just released......I don't have enough time to play all of the games on PS4....btw I'm not a fanboy of either, I played exclusively xbox360 from day one until PS4 launch, never had a PS3. I am perfectly content with my PS4 but wouldn't mind getting an Xbone when I can afford it, I miss my gamerscore lol.
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Spetsnaz420 posted...
Hai guiz

I is sell my pee ess fourth Cuz is no gaems

Can I has firendships nao?

I can haz now join yu?

I is did sellz mine geams too! now i buyz this pee ess veeta?
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Don't bother with a PS4 until 2015.
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jellybeanmaster posted...
You heard it hear first. Games that average an 8/10 on the internet are now flops...

looks like ull be playing a LOT of bad games this gen TC

Nah this has happened for a long time now and some people stupidly consider anything below a 9 a flop.
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If titanfall loses points for no single lets count off for infamous not having multi. Yikes dat logic infamous is gonna be a 70-74 now. You gonna be alright?

Nice job ignoring the posts that call out your bad logic.

Bait topic confirmed.

The TC has several alternate accounts and is nothing more than a troll who pretends to white knight for the Xbox and MS. Just ignore him. Until of course he makes another account and starts the cycle again.
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Are you people serious? Going by the boards, infamous got way more hype. It was treated as the second coming of Christ to herald the next gen vs "lolololol hey guys let's post another topic about how TF is CoD clone or bots or 720p or smart pistol or frame drops all day on xb1/tf boards"

You seriously have selective memory if you really think TF was more hyped when its kind of obvious the majority of gamefaqs was already gunning against it
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TheApd_Returns posted...
You seriously have selective memory if you really think TF was more hyped when its kind of obvious the majority of gamefaqs was already gunning against it

You seriously are delusional and in denial of reality if you believe what you just typed.
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Infamous came out yesterday, but it's already a flop? Not so stealth fanboy topic.
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