After infamous flop should I just stick to Xbox one?

#81night_drifter05Posted 3/21/2014 6:33:03 PM
If Infamous was a flop then what's that mean for the Xbox One? Just go back to playing Titanfall and wishing you had a halfway decent game to play. You may get one in 2015 but chances are it'll just be another Halo.
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Wow all these posts and only a few legit answers!

Infamous is a flop due to the hype level it was receiving. PS4 currently has no games so it needed badly for infamous to be great... instead it turned out mediocre and once again PS4 owners like me are sitting around with the "superior console for the gamers greatness blah blah" as a dust collector beside the console actually getting the games
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ExempliGratia posted...
How is Infamous a flop?

Its slightly above average at best, a B-
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#84SirkPosted 3/21/2014 6:39:58 PM
No according to reviews it is not better than Titanfall.

Whatever a person's opinion on the X1 or PS4, or any of their games, it does not take much thought to realize that neither aggregate reviews nor user reviews are law.
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LEGEND_725 posted...
Wow all these posts and only a few legit answers!

So...what, only the answers that agree with you?

You're pretty smug over an opinion.
This is coming from someone who owns neither console by the way.
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BlueEye0 posted...
Just decide for yourself you mindless waste of skin.

Are you talking to me?
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We all know op has nothing better to do with his time.
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Is this a good example of a Troflop topic????
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SoulTrapper posted...
Ignore this type of topic, it's obvious bait.

No matter how obvious , people always take the bait
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#90BoneRevolutionPosted 3/21/2014 7:06:34 PM
Yes. The Xbox One is all we need at the moment. and for those considering a PS4 remember Ouya is way cheaper