Stop killing your own community - Titanfall related

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"Titanfall is so innovative, it's not like any other FPS!"
"Titanfall is just like any other FPS."
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Mvsevm_of_Skin posted...
"Titanfall is so innovative, it's not like any other FPS!"
"Titanfall is just like any other FPS."

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YumeOMiru posted...
Guys/gals, seriously, stop killing off your own community. Stop being hostile to everyone, even valid critiques seems to be frowned upon.

- "Matchmaking is terrible, I get pitted against veterans while I have a beginner team."
- "Donīt play the game then"

I mean, you do no want a online only game with no crossplay (yes, you canīt play with PC players) to be empty..........

Just my thoughts.

I don't mind ppl criticizing games as long as it's not trying degrade my intelligence by saying i'm stupid or something for liking it or having a different opinion. There are people that get just as hostile when someone says something good about a game or console. people here do more than just criticize they try to whitewash anything good said about things. I have just as much right to my good opinion and they do of their bad opinion. If you really wanna stop the hostility you gotta stop it on both ends not just the side that benefits you.
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DarkHoles posted...
Name 1 fps where this is not the case, you can't?

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