Adam Orth discusses the "Internet hate phenomenon"

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Guys works for M$ and is obsessed with online only. No credibility here. BTW M$ gave him a free mansion
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odcrl001 posted...
Guys works for M$ and is obsessed with online only. No credibility here. BTW M$ gave him a free mansion

Better than working for Son¥ or Nint€ndo

Am I hip like you sony fanboys yet?
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Guys, nothing justifies wishing cancer on ANYBODY!
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Rainy_David1 posted...
If you don't want to be attacked on the internet, don't insult broad groups of people on the internet. Simple.

Yeah he does come off as a whiner.The wishing cancer crap is sick but,it's twitter and twitter is full of morons & trolls .
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I bet if the internet was around back then, Marie Antoinette would have posted a similar blog about her "let them eat cake comment."

Of those peasants are just caught up in the hate train
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WOW.......... I can't believe most the comments in this thread. This sort of thing has been a growing problem. CoD devs got death threats. Mass Effect people as well. It is really getting insane.

I mean for one instant take yourself out of your entitled mentality and think about it. What if when you checked your e-mail or text messages or whatever you saw threats against your life?

This mentality on the internet is crazy. People seem to think that if they feel in anyway slighted against by anyone that it excuses them to behave however they want. No matter how over the top, irrational, or just plain crazy their behavior is, they will always excuse it away with a simple "Well I did not like something about that guy so that makes it ok"

This is completely pathetic behavior by the same generation I am a part of.
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Orth can shut his stupid pie hole and stay bent.
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I hate Adam Orth, and M$.
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XtremeWRATH360 posted...
Not that he deserved death threats but.......he deserved all the hate he got.

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