What colour is your UI?

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User Info: GuitaristMatt

3 years ago#11
Green :)
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User Info: liquidblue4

3 years ago#12
Demon to Some. Angel to Others.

User Info: LTJpunk

3 years ago#13
Hot pink
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User Info: WebsandWigs

3 years ago#14
I cant decide so i just left it at green. The UI is so clunky looking anyways o no colors really look all that good

User Info: lokinineteen

3 years ago#15
Dark blue!

User Info: dj_skooter

3 years ago#16
That dark blue above purple
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User Info: Bladez_89

3 years ago#17
Xbox green.
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User Info: Hudson_RL

3 years ago#18
Light blue. No decent purples :(

User Info: Aarkshark

3 years ago#19
Default Green.

Everything else looks so bad.
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User Info: teeebz

3 years ago#20
Green. Xbox brand has always chosen green as "it's" color. Anything else just doesn't feel right for me
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