Your Reaction: Red Dead Redemption sequel Xbox One Exclusive

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Not a chance.

RDR sold 13 million units and it would never reach that level on one console alone.

They might get timed dlc but Microsoft is in a tougher negotiation position in terms of being behind the PS4.

Not really because microsoft has something that sony doesnt and that is a WHOLE hell of alot of money way more then sony

But also the shareholders are wanting the xbox brand gone and they would never let them spend that kind of money on a single game there is no way.

A few of the shareholders most of them dont want the brand gone

A lot of the shareholders. And it's the most influential ones. You know the ones who forced ballmer out. So they definitely have pull. Not saying the brand is going anywhere anytime soon. But at the same time I would be surprised if in 5 years they stop making games and just ride on the coattails of multiplats and then in 10 years sell off what they can and shut the division down entirely. I don't really see that happening though I just wouldn't be surprised if it did.
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"Good for MS."

Personally, I hate almost all open-world games.
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XB1 needs saving?

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jpraelster posted...
A few of the shareholders most of them dont want the brand gone

well, I mean, that's objectively false
but whatever....
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I would not mind, but I would be surprised if it happened. Even more surprised if it actually stayed exclusive.
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MilesTeg420 posted...
I think this might be the only way to save Xbone.

That or the next GTA.

MS did give Rockstar a money hat last gen, they may do it again.

Throw in a RDR themed XB1, and I may be tempted.
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I don't mind exclusives as long as they're good.. which they tend to be because they're exclusives. lol I would freaking love a RDR sequel man.
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Why does the xbox one need saving it's doing just fine.

That is what they said about Whitney Houston too. :I

you really are not too bright
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