Are we heading to the point where we pay for each chapter of a game?

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It'd be ok if they did a deal where you'd pay what you would for the complete game.

Otherwise no
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Street Fighter
Madden (EA sports)
Half Life

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FinzFan4life posted...
the game is long as you want to make it, be it two hours or 4, I take my time with games like this study paths of soldiers take them out silently, the game it's self is fun and myself enjoy it is fun.

To your question TC, it depends on how you look at it, if they charge it accordingly then it can be good.

3 dollars a chapter or what ever depending on the length.

I for one know if I am going to like a game within the first hour or so, I do not like renting games cause of my schedule I work 3weeks on 3 weeks off out of state and don't take my console with me.

So if I am given the opportunity to try the actual game from the start then I will Know, cause I have played demos I liked but didn't like the full game.

I am not a Developer but I don't think they work like that chapter by chapter and all.

But If I was able to do it like itunes does it maybe buy episode 1 then buy the rest at the price that would equal the full game would be cool, but they need to offer MP with the first episode at least a few maps and things

No, Bad direction.
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