Most surprising game that was poorly received or had mixed receptions this gen

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Maybe tailor you poll for individual consoles on their individual boards. You lists 3 PS4 games and 1 X1 game. No surprise that the X1 game is getting the most votes on this board. Poll is flawed.

Well two of those games are serious triple A franchises for Sony. Killzone 2 really turned some heads and was arguably PS3's best exclusive FPS. I actually still have that and 3, and I do own Infamous 1.

Infamous is a series I always thought was another triple A game, and so we have two franchises that are Sony exclusives. MS doesn't have an exclusive that is a recent franchise that I could have thrown to compete with them, that is why I put Ryse and Knack out there. They were both new I.Ps.

Just list all the popular x1 games in a poll on this board and all the popular ps4 games in a poll on that board. You can't just ignore games that you believe don't apply. Polls are about determining the opinion of a group, not just yourself. This poll is worthless.

Not for nothing, but a lot of the votes are too. If anyone here thinks that a poll on these threads are never skewed by Sony fans, they're pretending to be naive. MS fans aren't a pandemic on the PS4 boards, it is the other way around and everyone on this board knows this.
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That's the point I was trying to make, how silly that is, but I guess my post wasn't sarcastic enough.

Oh Im sorry, I had the same thing happen to me the other day, you see so many ridiculous things sometimes it's hard to tell 0.o
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