What can we expect from Microsoft at E3?

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2 years ago#11
More shooters.
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2 years ago#12
Fallout 4
Sunset Overdrive gameplay
Halo 2 Anniversary
Borderlands 3
Show off some new features/improvements to the UI, possibly a complete redesign a la NXE
Announce a price drop and or Kinectless bundle. (Wishful thinking, I'm sure.)

Also, I believe Phil Spencer said something like expect less executives on stage and more games, but that's probably because their executives keep leaving the company.
2 years ago#13
Btw, since Elop is now heading the devices division, he's going to be there right?
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2 years ago#14
I would assume so, but If they just want to focus on games, just let Phil Spencer run it.
(message deleted)
(message deleted)
2 years ago#17
Say what??

Need to pay attention as they'll obviously discuss so important issues as.................

TV, TV, TV, Sports, TV, TV, TV, some new network package related to TV/Sports, Kinect, TV, Kinect, then show a game trailer that doesn't actually show in game footage, TV, and finally TV
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2 years ago#18
Price drop, maybe that rumored drive-less SKU as well. A couple of out-of-nowhere exclusives and maybe a new trailer for Quantum Break if we're lucky.
2 years ago#19
Charocks posted...
....... and talk about all the social features and apps that barely anyone gives a **** about.

people are so narrow minded. i dont get it.

you do realise that microsoft can see how many of their apps get used dont you? you know, how often and for how long? they invest time, energy and money into developing these apps because people are using them. its why facebook and twitter very quietly disappeared, and its why twitch, youtube and so on have endured.

just because you dont like or want them, that doesnt mean to say that tens or hundreds of thousands dont. they quite clearly do. ps3 was the most used device in the world for watching netflix not that long ago, whilst a couple years ago, more hours were spent watching video content on xbox live than games played online.

i, and quite clearly thousands upon thousands of others clearly do like them and use them
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2 years ago#20
And people like you spend hundreds of dollars to watch Netflix. Microsoft is banking on you.

As for what to expect for E3? What everyone's been waiting for of course. Kinect stuff! So much Kinect stuff! You'll like it because they know better.
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