Halo Spartan Assault - did they fix it

#1a123454321Posted 3/24/2014 4:45:10 PM
I know the game didnt get great reviews but i would like to play it, however ive heard from nearly all reviews that it crashes back to the dashboard alot. Have they fixed the issues yet? Or isnt it as bad as some make out?
#2kingbahamut83Posted 3/24/2014 5:04:00 PM
never happened to me
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#3gatman85Posted 3/24/2014 5:19:28 PM
im a big halo fan

but this game was boring only played for 1hour
#4liquidblue4Posted 3/24/2014 6:16:06 PM
Yes, they released a patch a while back. Not really worth $15 though.
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