Jim Sterling discusses the Xbox One vs the PS4

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Alot of things are put on the table when it comes to next gen consoles right now.
You may think he's wrong, but he also has an answer for that too!
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My thoughts on X1 vs PS4

Both will be great systems to own
Both will have great exclusives that some will be new, and become franchises
Both have greatly improved features that are very much welcomed over the 360/PS3
Both are very young at this point, so it's a bit premature I think, personal opinion, to do a "VS"
Both systems are worth it depending on which ecosystem of games you want more of from MS to Sony
You can't really go wrong with either systems as they both will provide hours upon hours of enjoyment.
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Can anyone tell me if this is just 16 year old Fanboy stuff ?
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It's 100% true. I never thought about it but they do see, to feel like they have a monopoly over entertainment. When they don't and they need to realize that and focus its game console on GAMES.
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Can anyone tell me if this is just 16 year old Fanboy stuff ?

No it's not
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This is trolling . The title of the topic has been changed so it won`t get modded. The video linked is titled " Why the ps4 is kicking the Xbox One`s A@# " . That will never be an acceptable topic on this board no matter how you spin it. Report .
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Thank GOD for Jim Sterling! >=D
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Can anyone tell me if this is just 16 year old Fanboy stuff ?

Yup pretty much.

Just a guy spinning his opinion around in what's popular and controversial to get views/clicks on escapist.

He's as much of a joke as the dude from reviewtechusa.
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This topic again?
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Its an interesting take on the whole thing..and the point he makes about PSN and PS+, along with the indie games is pretty spot on.

Personally...I think both systems are good, and its a great time to be a gamer regardless of the device you choose to play games on...but Microsoft spread itself out a little too much, and they did seem to lack focus on what they wanted the Xbone to be, in the end its trying to be a jack of all trades and Microsoft has tried to solve "problems" that no one needed solved...I am sure they will turn it around and focus on games more than multimedia, but that isn't the case at the moment.

Although in a year or two...well who can say what will happen, and regardless of the Xbone's lack of focus...it still plays games well, and it will still have great games to be played.

Also...this isn't trolling...and its one man's view on a situation being talked about by many. He raises valid points that should be discussed...but instead it seems as if some people want to cover their ears and eyes when it comes to this kind of thing, but they refuse to cover their damn mouths as well.