Name one franchise that needs to be put to rest.

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Fistersaurus posted...
Assassin's Creed

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Halo, Bungie wanted to end the Halo project long ago but M$ wouldn't let them, That's why they moved to activision.
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Xbox one, PS3, Wii
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rusty12000 posted...
Halo, Bungie wanted to end the Halo project long ago but M$ wouldn't let them, That's why they moved to activision.

A simple google search will tell you that you're wrong.

But I also wish halo was gone too.
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If all you guys voting Assassins Creed mean they should dump the series and make a full on Pirate game based on Black Flag.. then I guess I can accept your opinion.

However.. I can't believe people would be all down on Assassins Creed after they easily just shipped the best one by far. The Pirate stuff was so awesome it threatens to derail the whole series. Every new Assassins game they make from now on will either have awesome pirate action, or just not be as good.
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The ones that have told there story. Put a cap on it before you destroy the legacy.


there was a third but i cant recall it now
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The Train Simulator game on PC that cost about $3000 when you add up all the expansions.
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Everything Capcom
Assassin's Creed
MGS (Even though I like the series. I'm hoping Phantom Pain fills the gap on how Big Boss turns from Hero to Solid Snake's Enemy in Metal Gear and wrap this franchise up.)
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Pixx0 posted...
Resident Evil.

Hopefully RE7 if exclusive to the Xbone, remains that way and won't pollute other gaming platforms.

Thanks for your opinion on a console forum you don't own.
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