Customers want an optional Kinect, why can't the customers get what they want?

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Only problem is, if they get rid of the kinect, they might have to totally redesign the UI. The only thing I like about the Kinect is the voice activation feature, "Xbox, record that!". I wish this was as simple as a push of button, like on the PS4.

The Kinect isn't a bad peripheral. But sales would be much greater if they just gave the consumer the option. People like options. You'd think with a company as big as MS, they would understand this simple concept.

Because the Kinect, a camera, is needed to *HEAR* your voice commands?

How *DOES* that work?
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Wolverine24708 posted...
Only problem is, if they get rid of the kinect, they might have to totally redesign the UI. The only thing I like about the Kinect is the voice activation feature, "Xbox, record that!". I wish this was as simple as a push of button, like on the PS4.

The Kinect isn't a bad peripheral. But sales would be much greater if they just gave the consumer the option. People like options. You'd think with a company as big as MS, they would understand this simple concept.

The inclusion of Kinect 2.0 isn't about the option to the consumer. That was Kinect 1.0 for the XBox 360, which sold quite well, I believe over 20 million units. The problem that make consumers hesitant about Kinect 2.0 is that "there were no great games for Kinect 1.0." This is where basic economics steps in.

Lets take the PS4 Camera for example. Sony has trouble keeping it in stock, and retailers have now increased the price due to the demand. Great. But Sony recently reported that the attachment rate for the camera is 15%. So only 15% of all PS4 users can use features that involve the camera, and 85% cannot. Those numbers right there show developers that it may be something to look at using, but not enough to spend a ton of money for R&D. This is the same thing that happened for Kinect 1.0, so not too many good games for it.

Now that Kinect 2.0 is bundled with every XBox One, the attachment rate is 100%. Everyone now has access to use it, therefore developers know that money isn't going to be completely wasted. So as R&D goes up, we can expect some really creative people to come up with something good. We are only a few months into the console's lifecycle (which they are expecting to be 10 years).

And that fails becauses most developers make multi-platform games. No matter how many XBox1's have a Kinect, developers aren't going to spend additional money on developing features for it knowing that (at least, currently) more than half of their potential sales base will not see any benefit from it.

So those with a Kinect will get the undeveloped game.


Oh, and for those that talk about voice commands... that has nothing to do with the Kinect, which is a camera.
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cdog21 posted...
Why do people want an optional kinect, but want all developers to include kinect functionality in their games? It would be a waste of money to develop for something that not all consumers will own.

With microsoft including a kinect with every X1, developers know for sure that an audience is there. When I first heard about the kinect 2 I immediatly thought about character customization in games and where they could take it.

WTF? You really think that those that do not want a Kinect want game features for it?
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TaffmanG posted...
why wouldn't you want to be able to say xbox turn off instead of holding the damn button for 10 seconds.

why wouldnt you want to say switch to netflix

yadada then flip through tons of menus

just seems dumb

i loved kinect sports last gen me and my 57 year old mom with copd had a blast playing bowling everyday

driving in cockpit view in forza then turning my head looking out the window in real life is amazing.

I don't think I understand this - can you explain it?

Surely if you turned your head, you'd be looking sideways and wouldn't be able to see the screen?


(you beat me to it)
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Xbox one IS better with Kinect. If you disagree then that is your problem.

The ps4 is better with the camera but it's optional. Giving the customers a choice is always better. If you disagree, you're a shill.

Or, you know, they are just two different but equally valid approaches and you are a troll with borderline autistic tendencies making yet another troll topic that projects your opinion on everyone else? Pretty sure I nailed it.

I see someone holding a mirror up to Black Huntex.

You are upset at a mirror.

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Easy Microsoft made it mandatory in order for them tooo.............

Whazzat ya say??

Sony has an optional PlayStation has an option Move peripheral, optional, Vita of TV play, and soon to be optional VR headset. We'll I'll be those are quit the options and what else you say?? The Gamepad for Wii U isn't forced and in fact they have a standard controller that can be used instead like back in the SNES days.

Wow those are nice to bad Microsoft finds the word optional to be such a sinful one.

The definition of a garbage post people. If you don't want kinnect then don't buy an xboxone. Xboxones are being sold right now at $450 with titanfall, even comes with 1 month of Xbox live. The playstation cameras are flying off the shelf even a shortage right now. This whole topic is stupid baiting trolling trash. And now I'm part of it. Whatever. I'm glad I have the new kinnect. It's awesome.
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lilj812 posted...
Topic title. Customers want it, they don't want to pay for something they won't use. Many, many, many potential buyers including myself won't touch the Xbox one just because of the forced kinect. Sure I don't have to plug it in, and I never will. And many others follow the same line of thinking I do. So why are we forced to buy the kinect when it's optional to run the console?

Does Microsoft just not care about what the customers want?

First you don't have to buy it. MS is not forcing anything on anyone. This is simply the product that MS built and their vision for that product includes a Kinect Device.

The only reason people like you focus on it is because it is so tangible. You can hold it and see it.

The fact is there are many things included in any console that are part of the purchase of the console. For example the PS4 has 8GB of GDDR 5 for its system memory. Someone might say "Well I don't want that much, 6GB is fine for me and it would reduce the cost". Well guess what, you don't have that choice.

This is what is for many people like myself is appealing about PCs. You can build the exact device you want. This has never been an option for consoles. There is one product and you either buy it or you don't.

I'll give you an example. I recently bought a new video card (radeon r9 270X). Now it is not the best video card on the market but it is decent. Also supports crossfire should I choose to upgrade. Now there are quite a few different versions of this video card. I bought one with 2GB of memory. I could have bought one with 4GB but that would cost more money. After looking at how much vram is used by modern games at max setting at the resolution I play at I figured I did not need the extra 2GB.

You do not have that sort of choice with a PS4. Or with a tablet, smartphone, handheld device, ect. There is nothing wrong with that. These things are total tech products that you choose to buy are not.

Actually this even exist in building a PC. I can't call Nvidia/AMD/Intel and say 'Hey that new GPU/CPU I want this thing changed about it (remove a shader count or whatever) to take a bit of the price, then I will buy it.'.
Doesn't work that way, they would tell me I have to buy it as is or not at all.
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You're given a $100 piece of technology with the Kinect, that enhances the entire use of your Xbox One console, and gives you an almost entire hands free choice for navigating your system and using all of your apps and even adds in game features to almost every game released for the console also, and you're upset that this is forced upon you when you buy an Xbox One? Sounds like you're upset that you have too much, to me.

Sure it would be nice to have a $400, Kinect free Xbox One for sale, but that would be paying for a console and only getting half the functionality that it was designed for.

I don't want a dumbed down console that I paid $500 for. I want a console I payed full price for, and to use all the functionality, but hey, I'm just a consumer.
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ChemicalReaper posted...

It's interesting how useful the Kinect is as a device for navigating the interface

Tinfoil hat mode, but could it be they designed the interface to be cumbersome if not using the kinect? What better way to convince somebody that they need something than purposely making it harder to do without.
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Sorry, the Xbox One blows the PS4 out of the water now in terms of price. At $450, you get the console, controller, Kinect, and Titanfall. For $400, you just get PS4 and controller. It's even better here in Canada, because Sony jacked the price of the PS4 up to $450, so you get ripped off even more.

Fanboyism aside Sony didnt up the price of the PS4 - Retailers did... Canadian dollar dropped in value so the prices go up(well what retailers are saying). Only issue is the CND dollar was weaker than the US before and still had the same price as the US, so I call BS on the retailers.

Fanboyism aside, you're completely 100% wrong. Retailers did not up the price of the PS4. Sony did. So the BS is on Sony. Especially seeing as how they only raised the prices of their PS4, games, and accessories, and not PS3 products, or their televisions. Could be because the PS4 is the only part of their sector that people still want, and a lot of people would rather drink out of a toilet than buy one of their overpriced, 3.5/5 star televisions.

Article refuting claim that retailers are behind the price hike, formal announcement by Sony:

If want to decry this source, as is so popular on this site, feel free to complain. I have another twenty ready to go.