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User Info: kennyynnoo

3 years ago#11
Any chance I can abolish the x1 controllers massive white light for the logo? It's a headlight but I can't even use it as a flashlight. I'm to lazy to open it up and destroyed the source.
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User Info: Troll_Directory

3 years ago#12
Izraeil posted...
yiangaruuuga posted...
Every PS4 lightbar waste electricity and battery life.....seriously I hate the battery life on my controller. I just wish I could use my rechargeable batteries :,( . Yes I know I'm one of the few on this site.

You're in luck, Sony is adding the option to dim the light bar in the next update.
i would like to turn it off completely. no reason at all, this function is not included unless the rumors about sony's last-minute price cut were true. but, i guess that's another thing electrical tape is good for. i barely even remember there was a light there anymore.
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