Do you think they will have a patch to make titanfall 900p with no screen tearin

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2 years ago#11
Ill take 720p if they fix the screen tear and frame rate problems.
2 years ago#12
DeMann4478 posted...
I love the game but screen tearing is a big problem with me. This game is a exclusive and it doesn't feel like one. I don't think they optimized it very well. I want it to be 900 p like they said it would be. I know they could make the game 900p with no tearing with the xbox one if they optimized it better. The framerate is a different story. I think were stuck with that one.

That is because it isn't exclusive. Respawn developed the PC version too.
2 years ago#13
I don't notice screen tearing or frame-rate drops all that often. Am I missing something or am I just enjoying the action too much?
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2 years ago#14
Is the screen tearing related to internet speed at all because i have only experienced it twice and 1 am gen 2 38.

when I do the speed test on the xbox one it is 28 download 7 upload and 59ms latency

the min requirements for xbox one are like 3 download 0.5 upload and 150 latency
2 years ago#15
i think alot of you should just lower your expectations 720 p looks fine

i dont even know what tear screening in is or want to know.

just play the damn game. stop being ocd perfections OHHHHHHH ITS NOT IN 1080[ really 720 is just fine.
2 years ago#16
What use would it provide? The game already looks great for how it plays, and I could care less if it looks like inFamous Second Son.
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2 years ago#17
The game has a hard enough time running properly as it is. They need to stop trying to increase resolution, as it is only going to make things worse. They need to take it down a notch, and get the game running stable and leave it at that. Screen tearing and frame rate drops are completely unacceptable in a multiplayer FPS, everything else is secondary.
2 years ago#18
wait, titanfall isnt even 1080p 60fps? i thought that was this systems flagship game so far. man, ms has really screwed up badly, there isnt even a single game on ps4 that doesnt run at 1080p 60fps.
2 years ago#19
The game sure can you a resolution upgrade.
2 years ago#20
Screen tearing largely comes from frame rates that jump all over the place, especially sub-30. If you want screen tearing to go away? They need to fix the frame rates, which is of course exactly what they need to do. High and stable frame rates are generally the most important part of a FPS, definitely trumps resolution.
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