What's your favorite game on the Xbox One?

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1 year ago#11
Plants vs Zombies for me.
"Bad biscuits make the baker broke bro" - Jake the Dog.
1 year ago#12
Assassin's creed 4, although battlefield 4 has gotten the most play time
1 year ago#13
KI, just got PvZ yesterday but haven't played it yet and I have titanfall and still haven't played pass the tutorial.
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(message deleted)
1 year ago#15
The Price is Right
1 year ago#16
GT: Toot Scoot PSN: CerebralLOLsy
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1 year ago#17
TBONE_OG posted...
x1STP_KLOSRx posted...
Titanfall, nothing else even comes close.

Though p v z is in second
1 year ago#18
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1 year ago#19
Tomb Raider and Dead Rising 3.

As for multiplayer, CoD: Ghosts.

Was not that big of a fan of Titanfall... =/
Gamertag: Demigod Elessar
1 year ago#20
XBL GT is SE6A K1N6 (those are the number "6" not the letter "G" and that is the the number "1" not the letter "I")
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