So I got a free xbox one...

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Man this is... this is just the worst topic.
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lmao! I got home, opened the box to a find a ps4 badly crammed in with bubble wrap xD

You're so full of **** mate.
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How is this a troll topic? My bud said he knew xbox one wasn't out here. It was just to make me stress or something haha...

Anyways I think the money I was saving for ps4 I'm going to put towards an actual xbox one when it launches here....

Not that impressed with ps4 exclusives and xbox might get a fable game. I'm thinking about passing my ps4 on to my little brother.

I played a ton of halo wars on a friends 360, good game. Haven't played other halos besides wars. Will probably buy a xbox one halo (is there one out already? Announced maybe? )

These days I got bored of ps3 and now playing 3ds and obviously vita.
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Ryan-06 posted...
Tyronelio1 posted...
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Tyronelio1 posted...
No, no one at all could tell that was going to happen due to your sig.

Your sig is worse

Clearly insulting yourself and dont know it

I like how it clearly annoys you so much you need to being it up, must suck reading the truth every time you see one of my posts.

He's right though.
More like projection. You fight hard for the MDF. Do you do anything else but come here?

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wow kid take a break. Your sig does apply to you. Use foresight next time.

> Ryan-06 telling someone to take a break from console battling
> Ryan-06
> yes, that Ryan-06
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I like that part where you suck at gamefaqs...
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Got a buddy who went for a gap year in usa..

What does this mean?
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After matric (grade 12) some students decide to take a gap year before going to university or go work.

Some go overseas to have fun, others just stay and get a crappy job and party for a year.

Basically it's a year people take to have fun whilst still young.
He who walks his own road, walks alone.
So Add me on psn : shibboss. Playing LBP vita and waiting anxiously for Borderlands 2 vita :).