What's with all the hate? I'm having a blast with Titanfall!

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Seriously, every other topic people are hating on the game and I'm just sitting here thinking, "not sure what they are playing but I'm having a ton of fun."

Because the majority of people that post on this board are Sony fanboys that like to troll.

why is there this generalization on every board? On Sony boards it's "Nintendo trolls", on Xbox boards it's "Sony trolls" and on Nintendo boards it's Sony trolls. Grow up, a troll doesn't usually have a affiliation with a competing brand. They are basically trolls and troll all 3 companies, with alts or sometimes the same name.

Such as yourself?

pot calling the kettle?
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I had a blast with Titanfall.

It blasted itself out of my living room and into the bargain bin.

Now it's being felt up by Oscar the grouch.
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I had fun for a couple hours too.

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