So there will be no MLB game on XB1 this year!??

#31outcast1398Posted 3/27/2014 11:18:24 AM
TrickyPony posted...
Try as I might I can never get into watching soccer. All it takes is one moderate breeze and 10 players fall over clutching their knees and need to be stretchered off. Makes for some entertaining replays though

Slow motion replays for those are the best. I get it, I know that some of those questionable looking hits probably did hurt, but a lot are just comical. If you want to see something interesting (as a compare/contrast) only had him down for a few seconds before he skates off, google "images" Adam Burish injury (or finger). Happened a couple nights ago.

Back on topic, I would like to see another The Bigs. Had a lot of fun with the first one. Not sure they could get $60 from me, but would like to see that series back.
#32SilentBPosted 3/27/2014 11:23:51 AM
I would gladly trade an established Xbox series (though maybe not Halo) for MLB: The Show. I'd love to have them on the Xbox, one of my bigger gaming disappointments the last couple of years.
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