Xbox One Headset Worth $70?

#1AtomicMenacePosted 3/27/2014 10:15:38 PM
I'm more of a videophile than an audiophile.

I've played the Turtle Beach game in the previous gen of consoles and I have some Earforce Tangos but I hear that the chat on the Xbox One is problematic even with the new headset adapter so I figure that I'll just keep it simple and stay first-party this time around similar to what I did with my Gold Wireless Headset that I purchased for the PS4.

These are normally $79.99 but I found some for only $69.98 brand new. Does anyone have these and can you vouch for them?
#2garainePosted 3/28/2014 4:58:43 AM
I think they as worth it. I've heard a few complaints about them but I haven't had any problems with mine so far. Sure turtle beach headsets are better but they also cost more. I'd say if you got the money for turtle beaches get them. If you can't these are a great starter headset.
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#3omega1110Posted 3/28/2014 6:23:13 AM
I think they are worth price. I like find them to be more comfortable and of better sound quality then the TB XL-1 I have for 360. I am also no audiophile so I don't have much more to add on about sound quality.
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#4zachokPosted 3/28/2014 9:45:44 AM(edited)
I had x31s last gen and I got this popping sound frequently (wireless router too close, I know) got the MS brand headset this gen and I like it so much better.

Plus I don't need to worry about batteries for controller and headset, just controller.