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This is why MS annoys me
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TazX142712/28 11:46AM
Got an XboxOne for Christmas and have always been a Nintendo fanboy.
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petpanic1512/28 11:42AM
Need your opinions on what to buy!!!
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InLovingMemory71612/28 11:34AM
I am feeling generous so I will give out Black flag/unity xbox one code for free
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FranciscoGamer95512/28 11:27AM
I bought an XBox console. So now what?
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WizardofHoth1112/28 11:03AM
Are DLCs region free at least between US and UKSuperSuikoden812/28 11:00AM
Troubles with everything not sure if mine is a special case?daxmcsim612/28 10:49AM
Need to confirm thisAIRBORNE_uk612/28 10:48AM
The design of this consoles power button is preposterous...
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Andronicus876212/28 10:44AM
us xbl just a bug party chat?skermac412/28 10:38AM
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For New Xbox One Owners
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SampsonM1712/28 10:32AM
XBL, PSN, and Amazon breached
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xcmon3yx22712/28 10:14AM
13 Worst Game Design Crimes (According to PCGamer) Agree/Disagree? Yours?
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UnspokenWizard1212/28 10:13AM
Strike Suit Zero a good deal for $5?
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autoalchemist621312/28 10:08AM
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