What generation did you start gaming?

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2 years ago#51
Though Super Mario for the NES was the first game I played, the first system I owned was a PS1 and a GBC. Coming home one day as seeing PS1, Namco Museum and Street Fighter Alpha 2 was awesome. Best surprise ever.
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2 years ago#52
By time, 5th generation (1995), but I only had fourth generation consoles (Super NES and Genesis) and Game Boy Color (my only 5th gen gaming system).

Also, you are off by one generation for each generation. Magnavox Odyssey and the pong consoles are Generation 1. Atari 2600 and the other lower 8-bit systems were Generation 2.
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2 years ago#53
I started with the Genesis. Pretty sure it was 1993. I was four years old. I mostly played Sonic 1, 2, and Spinball at my Grandma's. I remember the next Christmas she had Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles.

However, what really got me hooked on gaming was the Sega Saturn. I had a ton of games for it, played it all the time, and it had the best audio at the time. My fondest gaming nostalgia memories belong to the Sega Saturn. Had good times with the PS1 as well, but that Saturn... you never forget your first ;)
2 years ago#54
For those interested in reading about every console and what generation it was.


I started with the 2nd gen with the Atari 2600. I'm 37 now and I was 1 when it released. COMBAT was my first game.
2 years ago#55
windows 95
2 years ago#56
I started with Atari, but I must've been 5 years old. I didn't really become a gamer until I played Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy for the NES.

If you guys haven't played Shadowgate for the NES, then I highly recommend you do so. You can play that game today, and it'll be as good as the day it came out. It aged perfectly. In fact, I would call it the best game ever made.
2 years ago#57
Gen 1 but with an Intellivision.
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2 years ago#58
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2 years ago#59
Gen 3. Started with a Genesis that came bundled with Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
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2 years ago#60
Gen 1 and the Texas Instruments home computer. Hunt the Wumpus and Parsec FTW!
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