What generation did you start gaming?

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So many kids claiming they started before last gen
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Atari 2600. I got introduce to this system by my uncle after I came to US from the refugee. It didn't get me into gaming but it's interesting after the crash of video game during 82. I guess he bought it cheaply. All the systems I bought is with my red pouch money and later on work/job to pay for them.

The 1st system I bought is NES. I guess this is when I start gaming. I believe NES is the 3rd gen, not 2nd.

8 gen: PS4/Xbox One/wii u
7 gen: ps3/360/wii
6 gen: ps2/xbox/gamecube/dreamcast
5 gen: ps1/n64/Saturn(32x, sega cd)
4 gen: SNES/Genesis
3 gen: NES/Sega Master System
2 gen: Atari 2600
1 gen: Magnavox odyssey/Coleco Telco
0 gen: Playing cards/board games (I still play this and believe everyone played them as well.)
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Mr_Big_Boss posted...
John Henry Bonham posted...
I started gaming PRE-Gen1 with the magnavox pong console. (Also a lot of pinball in the bars my parents dragged me into).

Holy crap I'm old.

No, that was the real gen 1. TC is just ignorant, trying to say they're not important and altering the gen numbers to fit his own personal false opinion.

It was supposed to be a joke.... :( Sometimes stuff written out doesn't translate well.

Oh well.

I did list the Magnovox and all those things. I pretty much put the "main big gens". I think we can all agree that the Pong stuff and even the Atari stuff was a very Niche/subdued crowd.
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Looking at these results shows WHY games are geared more towards adults in this day and age.

Its simply that most gamers now are in their 20's and 30's. There's still that new influx of young gamers coming in always (The PS2/xbox/gamecube crowd is in their teens most probably) but end of the day, the majority of gamers are older people that were born from 80's to the '95. Those gamers are the ones shelling out money now.
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teeebz posted...
Gen 2 with the NES.

I also find it alarming that so far, most people have started in gen 1/2, meaning they are adults in AT LEAST their late 20's/ into 30's, yet many people who visit this board post the idiotic fanboy topics that they do...

Yeah, I kinda assumed the average age here was like 17 judging by the tone of 99% of the forum threads.

Anyway, Commodore 64 was my first system. Never actually had an Atari.
You might very well think that. I couldn't possibly comment.
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I would choose N64 gen since that was the in thing when I was born (1994), but I got an snes when I was like 4 or 5, and an n64 the following year,so snes for me.
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My introduction to gaming was the Commodore 64. Cassette based gaming! Sod your shiny doughnuts!
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I started with the Atari as my first game console BUT i played it during the NES era ( i was 4 years old when i started with atari in 87 then got an NES about a year or 2 later). So technically i started in the NES era.
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A bit before Gen 1 believe it or not.. I still remember when the Atari was a hot new console.
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I can't believe there isn't more of mention of the Intellivision on here. Here is one of the old commercials for it. http://youtu.be/aYLly625cXE