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User Info: datura333

3 years ago#1
Howdy denizens of geefacks. I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of other games I could ( or should ) pick up for the xbone. The games I currently have are:



Forza 5

Dead Rising 3

I know that there really isn't much else out, but was just wondering if there was anything else people on here like and would recommend. FYI, I'll play almost anything aside from FIFA.
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User Info: brownmyster

3 years ago#2
Max curse of brotherhood is good.

User Info: DarkHoles

3 years ago#3
Crimson dragon or strider both EPIC
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User Info: Bladez_89

3 years ago#4
Thief, tomb raider, pvz, mgs:GZ.

Read some reviews mate that might help you out.
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