Xbox has 250 Indie Devs signed, While PS4 has 1,000

#1ChrisObamaPosted 3/29/2014 9:44:42 AM
Could this look like PS2 all over again? I know Indies doesn't count but its not looking good when there is less support, could the Xbox One be next to follow the Wii U footsteps in terms of dev support? Titanfall 2 not being an exclusive, COD switching to PS4 as lead platformer and with watchdogs/destiny getting exclusive content.
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#2Laylow12Posted 3/29/2014 9:49:53 AM
The PS4 is the lead platform now. Sales matter and Sony welcomed indies from the very beginning with open arms. Microsoft brushed them off initially with the XBOX ONE and once word got out, they changed their stance towards them.

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#3GambitbuzzkillPosted 3/29/2014 9:50:06 AM
Ok cool I'm go play titanfall now.
#4Kupo_Mog_KupoPosted 3/29/2014 9:50:59 AM
Wall of text ahead-No
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#5Tyronelio1Posted 3/29/2014 9:51:45 AM
So about 70 known devs add another 20 known indie devs that make console games?

Where do the rest come from?

This would be like ms counting all the devs that have made something for the Xbox indie store and saying something like this.
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#6Rdeal2Posted 3/29/2014 9:53:08 AM
Looks like Sony is just letting anyone sign up, no quality control
#7ChrisObama(Topic Creator)Posted 3/29/2014 9:54:51 AM
Rdeal2 posted...
Looks like Sony is just letting anyone sign up, no quality control

Atleast we would have something to play until triple AAA release, some indie games are just as good as triple AAA games as well
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#8Juzten76Posted 3/29/2014 9:55:55 AM(edited)
Most of my favorite consoles had 0 indie games. So I'll be ok with 250 developers.
#9chedibang1994Posted 3/29/2014 9:59:11 AM
Sony is about to pull an xbox 360 wtf do you need a thousand indie devs for honestly I understand if you want to make the console friendly to everyone yet if your game is **** then you will not be allowed to have it on my console but I guess they are for the gamers....idiots
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#10slyman19Posted 3/29/2014 10:31:56 AM
Great! The world needs more games like Basement Crawl.