bought my xbone they kept trying to push the titanfall bundle on me i went forza

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I play the new BF4 dlc today on PS4 it look great all 4 maps are good now I see why they delayed it on PC and xbone they know it will steal the spot light from Titanfail just like how They delayed the 360 version.

The BF4 DLC has been out on xbox one since was delayed on PS4.

Naval Strike? Hasn't PS always gotten BF DLC sooner than other platforms, like how Cod used to be on 360?

As far as I know, no. Naval Strike i think is currently only out for Xbox One and the other DLC I had from the beginning on Xbox One and I know it didn't release on other platforms till later. I could be wrong about naval strike though
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I had Forza at launch. Was an okay racer but got boring really fast
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I had Forza at launch. Was an okay racer but got boring really fast

It just got an update and DLC this week.
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sorry just don't like titanfall granted i've not played it but i watched hours upon hours on twitch and decided i'm going with forza as i've always played forza and not first person shooters

the cashier kept telling me i'm making the wrong choice that titanfall is better yadada

i told him. i don't care and he kept it up. so i asked to see a manager and got 20 percent discount.

if i want a shooter i'll stick to battlefield it honestly is the best shooter avaiable.

parcore robots fast paced action isn't my cup of tea.

Well that works out pretty well, some crap treatment to save $100. Luckily I moved near a Gamestop that actually has great customer service (outside of trying to sell me on warranty for my X1 based on all the people having to return theres at the Titanfall midnight launch,which isn't happening in bulk as far as I know, but those weren't the usual folk that I end up dealing with).
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20% discount?

I seriously doubt that.
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