When am I going to get to play my new system

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That's definitely a personal issue as the download directly relates to your internet speed. I bought the disc version, and surprisingly it only took me 10 minutes to install completely.
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i think server's get clogged up too. you ain't the only one downloading off the servers
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I wanna know when I'm gonna get to play my new system myself.

I bought my ps4 3 weeks ago and there isn't a single game on it that interests me.

Really Infamous does not interest you at all

I was in the same boat as he was. I bought my PS4 as a future investment due to short supply. I did get Infamous (my very first one), and honestly wasn't too impressed with it. It had great visuals, but I felt the focus on visual prowess by the devs took away from the story and side missions available. I ended up 100% the game in 8.5 hours, and the only trophy I really have left is the Expert and Evil Karma one.
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Spending $500 and not being able to play games makes me go something something

Go crazy?

Don't mind if I do.

I couldn't help it.

Someone likes their Simpsons ;)
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PackerXLV probably doesn't own a XB1.

Titanfall took 5 min to install GTFO
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Get faster internet. Or just make topics crying about your slow ass DSL.
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