Xbox One controller major issues

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User Info: omega1110

2 years ago#21
TheCyborgNinja posted...
The controller is comfortable, but a complete piece of junk in terms of quality. While I like some aspects of it better, it feels far less durable than the Xbox or 360 ones before it.

Well mine has already survived being dropped a few feet and bouncing with no ill effects so I'm happy with it! (I'm a clumsy guy what can I say)

Neo Vejiita posted...
Just an update: my "perfect" titanfall controller has intermittent LB issues (I'm going to exchange it tomorrow) and the controller that they replaced for me that came with the console has a messed up port on the bottom. The headset adapter can't plug into it because of alignment issues :(

Overall I'm loving my xb1, and I love the feel of the controller and how it works when everything works well, but it is pretty hard to get a controller that doesn't have issues :(

The packed in control for mine works fine and so does the extra control I bought either I am lucky or you are unlucky..or some happy middle ground between there.
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User Info: TRC-G00SE

2 years ago#22
Got the 360 on day one and only sent it back twice. (Although I did by a slim later)

Also go the XB1 on day one have two controllers, one of which is still in the box.


User Info: robert_rangersu

2 years ago#23
Couldn't care less = you don't care one single bit.
Could care less = you do care, at least a little.

User Info: VoidBeyond

2 years ago#24
robert_rangersu posted...

Pretty much this. I skimmed you, you should probably stop hitting the controllers with a hammer and throwing the against the wall when you're teabagged in CoD or whatever. That may help.
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User Info: dray3214

2 years ago#25
9 controllers in 2 weeks and 12 360s? this has to be a joke lol my day one controller still works and looks perfect. i had the original 360 which lasted me a coupe of yrs until i sold it and got the elite which lasted until i got the x1. you either have bad luck or don't know how to treat your stuff

User Info: cheezedadada

2 years ago#26
I would have believed you if you said you broke 8 controllers, but 9 was just a little too ridiculous for me.
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