Why do people call Titanfall an Xbox One system seller?

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Xbox 360 - Microsoft
Xbox one - Microsoft
PC - 95% Microsoft operating system


What about it? It still means Titanfall isn't Xbox one exclusive.

I think it's moot in the end, because even if a game is coming out on these other Microsoft (or MS supported) systems, people usually want a game on the system that is advertised as the premiere system to play the game on.

I've had two friends come over and play the game over the last two weekends. One of them only has a PS4 and gaming PC, the other only has last gen consoles. Both of them love the game and both of them have said they would really love to get the game if they could afford buying another system. This is inspite of them knowing that they could play the game on PC and the 360.
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Titanfall has helped sell Xbox One Systems...System Seller is an appropriate term i would say, much like Infamous could be deemed that for PS4.
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