The Xbox One is far superior than the PS4.

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2 years ago#1
For what I need and want in a console.

It's literally becoming the all in one console and that's what makes it superior.

Sure the ps4 has superior hardware anyone that denies that is an idiot but the x1 has everything else.

The exclusives that have been announced, te multiplats, achievements, dedicated servers, teh powa ov da cloud (can't wait to see it in full action) oh and all my friends and family have one so its also a social console for me too when I get home from work.

Oh and the controller which is better than anything apart from the 360 controller because of those stupid bumpers.

Oh and it's hands free.

The Sony system will remain (like last gen) as the console I only buy exclusives for and IGC.

What console is your main console today? Last gen or one of the big three this gen?
2 years ago#2
aren't the multiplats better on the ps4?
2 years ago#3
Stefmeister7 posted...
aren't the multiplats better on the ps4?

Resolution doesn't bother me at all, I don't mind if its only 720p native just aslong as it doesn't go lower.
2 years ago#4
Shorts foyered.
Yvan eht nioj
2 years ago#5
oh ok coz i thought you were citing why the xbone was better than the ps4 for you. could've just removed that part and said you'd be playing multiplats on it coz of the controller / friends or whatever.

otherwise, /shrug.
2 years ago#6
Well ps4 is also hands free if you have that nsa look-alike camera bar for ps4. You can plug in a mic and issue commands to ps4 as well

Game & app variety is better on xbo indeed. I prefer Ps4 os over xbo's cluttered mess. I prefer x360 controller over everything else...

Xbo has the worst design imho....a huge square VCR along with a powerbar...they could've shrunk it like the slick ps4.

Right now I play TF on well as my killer pc. For everything else Ps4. I still keep x360 for cod games....for ghosts it has the most players online at any given time...and the best ones.
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2 years ago#7
And you feel the need to tell everyone your opinion? I own both consoles....but gamers like you are the worse, It's really a sad man.
2 years ago#8
oh to answer the question, atm i'm playing the ps3 the most right now. played AC4 and 2k14 for the ps4 but then lightning returns came out. then DS2, tales of symphonia, ffx-x2 as well.
2 years ago#9
This thread is helping no one
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2 years ago#10
What I like about the Xbox One:

- Controller
- Achievements
- Online Service
- Friends that also have one
- Exclusives
- Aesthetics of the box
- Dedicated servers and Cloud Potential
- Quietness of the console

What I like about the Playstation 4:

- Controller
- Aesthetics of the console
- Installation speed
- inFamous Second Son and ???
- Quietness of the console

What I like about the Wii U:

- ???
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