The inFamous: Second Son vs. Ryse visuals topics really show the power gap

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I can't believe a 1080p native open world game has visuals on par with a linear, 900p game that was pretty much a graphical techdemo showcasing for the Xbox One.

Games that are linear and get lowered resolutions to apply that power to other aspects would look nowhere near as good if they were actually open world. And Ryse may come close to inFamous: Second Son, but iF: SS is easily the best looking game yet
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Far out.
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No one gives a ****.
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I would have just posted this here:

The discussion was already going, but now we have a new topic again.
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While I disagree with everything you have said I will defend to the death your right to say it.
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While I agree with everything you have said, you have no right to say it.
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Xbox One cannot compete with PS4 in graphics. The quicker people accept this we can move on to other sales.